Commercials: Bank of America, LEGO, Pampers, Kellogg's, Nescafe, Boca Burger, Real California Milk, HTC, Anthem, Activision, Bluegreen Resorts, Los Angeles Sparks, Quicken Loans, Reassurance Dental, California Lottery, ODOT, Space-X, Caldera Brewing, P&G / ZEVO

Features, Docs, & TV: The Taqwacores, National Parks (NatGeo), Dish (Tastemade), The Colorado Experience, Making of Viva Max

The Taqwacores : Official Selection Sundance & SXSW 2010
ASC Heritage Award for Outstanding Cinematography, Honorable Mention 2004

Camera Operator

Commercials: Capital One, GE (Texas, Malaysia), Disney Channel, Snapple, LA Auto Show

Features, Docs, & TV: The Story of Plastic (NatGeo), And Man Created Dog (NatGeo), We are Blood (BrainFarm), Happening (HBO), High Road, Puscifer Live, Book of Caleb

Camera Assistant

Commercials: Nike, Sketchers, Playstation, Cisco, Toshiba, Microsoft, Intercontinental Hotels, Axe Shower Gel, Disney Channel

Features & Docs: BBC Earth's Enchanted Kingdom 3D & Planet Earth 2, Walking with Dinosaurs 3D, Cuba IMAX, Panama IMAX 3D, Bi#ch Slap, John Dies at the End (day player), Scout’s Honor, Bare Knuckles, Finish Line (2AC)

On location for nearly 300 days across eight African countries for BBC Earth's Enchanted Kingdom 3D.